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About Potter's Computer Center

About Potter's Computer Center

About Potter's Computer Center
Potters Computer Center is an IRS 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Potters Computer Center is a program based on the beliefs (1) that all students can learn, (2) that students learn best when interested and motivated, and (3) that motivation can be generated through experiences and simulations which are interactive, hands-on, and which result in personal success. It is the philosophy of Potters Computer Center that quality education is essential to the democratic process, crucial to the personal enrichment and development of every student, and vital to the economic future of our society. We believe that the learners of today must be prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow, and that this vision can be achieved through innovative educational outreach programs for youth and teachers. It is from this vision that Potters Computer Center is dedicated to seeing that every student, no matter their financial or social background is given a chance in our society.

The mission of Potters Computer Center is to provide innovative educational outreach programs in classroom setting that focus on science, engineering, and information technology with positive goal setting, personal responsibility, substance abuse prevention and teamwork skills. We are located in the heart of the Midlands and surrounding areas.

During the 2007-2008 school year, Mr. Thomas Anderson, Owner of Potters Computer Systems, while collaborating with Cisco Networking Instructor at the Heyward Career Center both shared a passion for students being successful in their education, especially in the area of technology. Mr. Anderson as an instructor has volunteered more than 3500 hours including time at Skills USA annual competition to help motivate and instruct the students.

The result was an increase in enrollment in Cisco Networking and Computer Repair from 12 to approximately 70 students. Students became proficient in Computer Repair and Cisco Networking, often times applying their skills working within the school district and in some cases in the district helping the IT Department troubleshoot and inoculate viruses. The students were so confident of their skills that they built personal computers for Superintendent and the District's CATE Director who gave rave reviews of the computer systems (Richland School District One).

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